My office represents a broad range of architectural projects from ski and golf resorts to private residences, hotels and mixed use retail centers. In each rendering particular attention is paid to environment, atmosphere and detail in order to portray the intended emotion of the space. All projects are initially modeled using various 3D software programs to obtain the best vantage points to showcase their work. This also gives my clients a chance to completely review their projects in a 3D environment in order to make final design and material decisions. With over 25 years of design visualization experience we are capable of helping our clients work out extremely complex geometries and their relationships quickly and efficiently. 

I offer a wide variety of techniques best suited to the particular needs of my clients and their projects. The majority of my work is a digital technique that utilizes the newest 3D software combined with a vast amount of Photoshop overpainting. Other techniques include a combination of watercolor and waxed base colour pencils, pen or pencil sketches and full watercolor renderings. The price of the illustration varies depending upon the complexity of the work and the proposed deadline. Please call for a price quote.

As of 2017 our office has now started providing clients with architectural photography services.  It seemed like a logical progression from providing cgi images of future developments to serving the needs of the built environment.  We work with developers, real estate agents and homeowners to best capture the beauty and atmosphere of their projects.